Company Policies

At Monogram My Life™ we strive to deliver a top-shelf experience for our customers. It helps when deciding to make a purchase to have a clear understanding how we fulfill orders and what happens in the event that expectations are not met. Below we’ve collected all of our policies so it is easy to find all of the information in one place.

Terms and Conditions

This document is the governing document for both the usage of our website as well transactions. We update this document as required and we archive them at the bottom of the document connected to this button.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains what information that we gather as Users interact with the information and features of the website. We also archive older versions of this document where appropriate.

Refund Policy

Every item that we sell is unique and personalized in some way. This makes returns difficult to accept as etailers. There are some instances where we can accept returns and can be reviewed below.

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